Wilderness Cabin

Saint Antonin Noble Val, FR

Whilst working extensively in the South of France over the last year, Brass have been lucky enough to acquire a small parcel of land in the region allowing us to test ideas for installations and temporary forms of architecture. Our first proposal is for a ‘wilderness cabin’ affording hikers, cyclists and locals alike an opportunity to inhabit and take in the stunning views of the mountains to the horizon and valleys below.

The intention is to provide an inviting habitat that seamlessly facilitates for spending a relaxing evening in the wild (in a carbon negative development).

Supported by a singular point (minimises the need for excessive ground works), the structures sloping walls reduce impact from prevailing winds whilst the striking reflective cladding material has a reduced visual impact on site surroundings.

Clean water supply is provided by in-situ rainwater harvesting system with self-produced electricity from integrated photo-voltaic panels. A composting toilet and a bio‐ethanol fireplace complete the specification.

We intend to utilise local/ recycled building material in construction.

The form and external treatment take inspiration from the naturally occurring iron sulphide prevalent in the region.

The cube’s pure geometry and lustre provide aesthetic delight to an isolated rural site location.